Bonzapp provides a complete range of features to make building your own website or mobile app, easy and quick. We call these features, "blocks", because you literally select them as blocks add them to your page. All the coding is done for you.


Blog/News platform

An instant blog system that you can add to any existing website or as part of your new Bonzapp website.

Use it for news updates, blog posts, even special offers for your customers.

You or your website visitors can easily share your posts on their favourite social media platform using Bonzapp's handy buttons on each post.

The simplest blog system to use, and the quickest to get started - you can have your own in just 3 minutes!

Notify your members/subscribers with a push notification direct to their mobile device or computer, at the click of a button (coming very soon)!

Text & Images

Text block

Take full control of your pages using our text and image editor. Change fonts, colours and images just like writing a letter on your computer. Easy enough to use if you've previously used popular software apps like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Simply click on the save button, and your page is created.

Click to see an example of the Text block

Hero Video

Hero Video

Add your own videos or choose from thousands of high quality videos in our library.

Overlay text, images or logos to create interesting landing pages.

Forms /Questionaires

Contact Form

Choose from ready-made forms such as Contact Form, Subscribe Form, Job Application Form, Accident Report Form or design your own form in just minutes and add to your website.

View the responses in your dashboard, get them emailed to you instantly, and/or send them to a Google spreadsheet.

Include documents such as PDF's, Word docs, and upload images.


Add a countdown to any page to add excitement to your event or product launch.


A map can help visitors pinpoint your location, or maybe the location of your event. You can zoom in and move the map around. Click on the marker in the map below.

Hero Image

Hero Video

Add your own images or choose from thousands of high resolution images in our library.

Overlay text, images or logos to create interesting landing pages.

Click to see an example of the Hero Image

Image Carousel/Gallery

Image Carousel/Gallery

An image gallery or carousel is a great way to display a collection of images, perhaps to show your portfolio of work.

You can add lots of images to this block, and visitor can tap left or right to browse them all.

Contact Form

Contact Form

A contact form is easy to add to your website, simply add your email address into the contact form block, and Bonzapp will forward all website enquiries straight to your inbox. No coding required!

Click to see an example of the Contact Form


Contact Form

Add any frequently asked questions and answers to the FAQ block to help your customers and visitors

Just type them in or copy/paste - Bonzapp's FAQ block does the work.

Click to see an example of the FAQ' block


You can even take payments with a PayPal button which sends the money directly to your PayPal account.

We will soon be adding full shopping functionality, in a new Payment block which will enable to you run your own online shop.


Bonzapp websites are available for all to see by default, but you can easily switch your entire website or mobile app to be private, which means that only registered members that you pre-approve in your dashboard can view your app. Ideal if you want an app that only your staff can see, or club or event members.

Bonzapp also enables you to have a public site, with selected private pages, so you get the best of both worlds.

Mobile Notifications

Tap the notification button, and members who have added your app to the mobile device home screen will get a push notification directly to their phone. Ideal for letting people know you've written a new blog post, or added a new special offer.

Mobile Specific Features

Your app can also be cached/saved to their device as a PWA (Progressive Web App), which includes many of the features of a native mobile app but without the hassle of downloading from the App Store.

Perfect for when your members or visitors are out and about, maybe with patchy internet data. Your contact details and other important info can be saved on their device so they can pull it up even with no internet access.


Maintain full control of the look and feel of your website with our Themes. Each theme has it's own colours and fonts to give your website that individual quality.


...And so much more. Bonzapp also provides data lists, columns, buttons, links, and everything you need to create a complete website from scratch with no technical knowledge, or coding requirements.

Upload documents, PDF's, Word Docs and even spreadsheets into your website or mobile app, and visitors will be able to view them. Or put them on a private page if you only want selected people to view them.

And we're adding more blocks all the time. Let us know if you have an idea for a new one!